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The next morning was a little awkward, mostly because I had to change the bandages on his chest and arms again. He didn't protest when I asked him, though afterwards when I told him he had to eat breakfast, he started pouting.
“You need breakfast!” I said wondering how in the world someone could ever miss breakfast, let alone want to miss breakfast.
“You broke your leg. You don’t think you need something to eat? At least have some calcium!” I pushed a glass of milk across the table.
“Why! I’ve gone my whole life missing it, and do I seem to need it?”
I stared at him incredulously. In his state I wasn’t quite sure what he meant.
“When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Your leg is broken!” I said incredulously.
“That’s not what I meant!” And then he put on a pouty face. “No! No, no, no, no!”
So cute...
I sat down with my own bowl of cereal, giving up on the whole not-going-to-eat-breakfast matter.
“Whatever. But don’t you go crying to me if you’re hungry.”
He rolled his eyes.
“I don’t cry.”
I left it at that. I sorta believed him, but at the same time I suspected whatever was in his dream from before might have the ability.
“It’s called a phrase, for your information.”
“Yeah, ok. But I’m not going to.”
I finished my cocoa puffs and slurped down the chocolatey milk.
“You don’t know what you’re missing.” Then I stood up. He glanced up at me questionably.
“I’m just going to get some groceries, see you in like an hour.”
“So... I’ll just stay here?” He said in a voice clearly saying how bored he’d be if I did.
“Yup. Unless you’d like to come along. But, seeing as your leg is broken, I’m not sure I’d suggest that.”
He sighed. “Fine. But I can watch TV, right?”
“Yeah, sure. It’s upstairs in your guest room. Though how you’ll get up is beyond me.” I left.
“I’ll find a way,” He called after me as I shut the door.
I smiled to myself. This was turning out to be more fun than I had expected.
I walked down the dusty old road, only passing a few other houses before coming to the supermarket. I decided that we were going to have lasagna for lunch and steak for dinner, so I wandered around the store, looking for the ingredients needed. I also stocked up on milk, I expected to drink tons of that stuff. And ovaltine, even better.
I left the store feeling satisfied with my choice of food, when I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me. I looked behind, waiting for another noise, when I spotted something. Something pink.
“What the...” I muttered to myself. And that was before I saw it.
It was a pig. But not just any pig, when it opened it’s mouth acid dripped from it, withering the ground for which it walked on.
“Pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-PIG!!!!!” I screamed and ran up the road towards my house.
In my head, almost unintentionally, I screamed for help. Then it
happened. I got a response.
I screamed almost as much as I had with the pig and continued running towards my house, almost blind with fear from acid and the new discovery of monstrous creatures, when I crashed straight into a wall of squishy.
“OW!” I heard as I jumped back from the “wall” that turned out to be Endre.
“Sorry.” I said quickly, “NOW RUN!!!”
I grabbed his arm and dragged him away.
“Stop!” he had to shout before I listened.
I came to a breathless stop and gasped, “What? We’re about to get soaked into a puddle of mush, if you haven’t noticed. We have to run!”
He gave me a cool it stare.
“Now what?” I asked irritably.
“I can handle it.” And with that he charged the pig with a sword that I had just noticed was swinging from his belt.
The pig came to a squealing halt, noticing too late the sword now at it’s throat.
“EEEEEPPPP!!!” And with that it was dead.
“I’m alive! You’re alive! That pig spit acid!” My thoughts were going rapidly through my mouth like a machine gun.
Then something hit me.
“Wait... wasn’t your leg supposed to be broken?” I said suspiciously.
“Ummm... not sure about supposed to, but it was broken. Uhhh.. how do I explain this?” he asked the sky.
“Tell me the truth!” I told him. “I'd rather not listen to lies, thank you very much.”
“Lets go back to your house first before more monsters come.”
“Right. What should we do with the body?”
He laughed. “It sounds like we just murdered someone. Lets just take the pig with us for now.”
We walked back to the house, Endre careful not to get acid on his hands.
We walked in, the pig still outside on the porch.
I sat down and pulled up a chair for him.
“So, explain.” I prompted him.
“Ok... where to start. Well, first there are obviously such thing as monsters, like that acid pig. That was one of the weaker ones, so I usually have to go around slaying these things everywhere along with this other guy Ira and some other people.”
I nodded. “Continue. So why have I not noticed before?”
He shrugged. “They don’t normally go after people who don’t know. Something you might be pleased to know is that once you know of their existence, you start to gain powers. Not many, but you can heal faster and communicate through your mind, like me.”
“Okay.... That explains alot.”
His stomach grumbled. “And, by the way, I’m hungry. What’s for lunch?”
“I told you you needed breakfast!” I scolded. Wow. I sound like a mom.
“Well, it’s eleven now. It’s not that early.”
“Either way, I’ve had a long morning so I’m not making the lasagna anymore. And since when did “host” change to “personal slave”? You’re not injured anymore!”
“Hey, my leg’s still a bit hurt. And, fine, I’ll make lunch, ok?”
“Thanks. Call me when lunch is ready.”
“Yes ma’am!” He said, saluting me. “Geez, stop acting like my mom!”
“Yeah, ok.” I walked up stairs. I laid on my bed thinking. Monsters. Mind speaking. And cute guys barging into my house. Well one, but he seemed like many at once to me, he was everywhere.
So, this is the second chapter. Still have no name for it!! AHHHHHH!!! anyway, this one's slightly shorter and it's by me, just like all the other chapter will. SO hope you enjoy! :D

Adventure chapter 1 AdventureI dropped my heavy bags with a huff. Welcome to Amoris, Wilde. I thought with a sigh.  Where all there is to do is admire the sky, smell the breeze, and be bored. I sighed again and picked up my bags again, only to drop them to dig in my pocket to get my keys. I was supposed to be staying here with my aunt, but she was off somewhere, doing who-knows-what with who-knows-who, leaving me to use her apartment “however I pleased”, as she put it. I growled with annoyance. I had been doing the work around the house, taking care of myself ever since my parents… No Wilde! You are not going to think about that! This is a new start to a new life.
I finally found my keys, and opened the door to my new house. I dragged my luggage through the doorway and dropped them with a push. I glanced around. It was a really nice house. How the hell am I going to be able to pay for this…? I noticed a note taped to a mirror. I ripped the note off and rea

Adventure chapter 3 Adventure ch.3“Wilde! Lasagna's ready!” I heard Endre‘s voice fly up the stairs toward me.
I sighed and got off my bed, finger-brushing my hair straight and inhaling the yummy fragrance of lasagna.
I hopped down the stairs one by one, finally reaching the bottom and slid on my socks over to the kitchen.
Endre was there with the lasagna on the counter, pan holders still on his hands.
The lasagna looked fabulous, better than I could’ve ever made.
“Mmmm... looks really good. Take a class or something?”
He shook his head ‘no’.
“No, I live alone and I’ve always had to do the cooking.”
“Why, where are your parents?” I asked.
“Uhhh... long story. But pretty much they’re really far away. Not dead, far away.”
It sounded to me like he told himself that a lot. Maybe it had something to do with the dream....
“And you?” He asked, “Why are you alone here?”
“Well, my aunt

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